Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan

Have you ever been to Osaka? Do you want to visit Hogsmeade? You will enjoy a magical day at Universal Studios Japan. I visited the amusement park in October, which means the park was transformed to a zombie town. It was a lot of fun!


The hotel was decorated with Halloween decorations. The room was on the 26th floor and bigger than most Japanese hotels I have ever been to. Unfortunately, I fear of heights, so I couldn’t stay next to the windows for too long. The room has two huge beds, a couch, an awesome bathroom and lots of space. Even the entrance hall downstairs is beautiful.

Universal city

Are you a gourmet and like eating a lot of food? Eat delicious aged beef, lobster, Japanese or American dishes. I sometimes like to eat fast food like Mosburger or fried Japanese dishes. After eating breakfast I walked through the whole Universal city and did window-shopping. On the last day I bought popcorn with cinnamon taste. I never saw a shop in Switzerland which sells so many different tastes just for popcorn, so I absolutely wanted to try it.

Universal Studios Park

The entry fee is quite expensive, but it’s totally worth a visit! I don’t know if Universal Studios is a typical place for cosplayers, but there were a lot of people wearing cute outfits. This is actually another difference between Japan and Switzerland. Swiss people wear scary Halloween outfits, but Japanese people prefer cute ones.

I absolutely wanted to visit Hogsmeade and the rest of the Harry Potter world in the park. If I had the money, I would have bought much merchandise. Other districts, like Jurassic Park or the classics are definitely also fun. I tried the famous butterbeer which was too sweet for me. I don’t have a sweet tooth haha. I also walked through the small castle Hogwarts. Before I entered I checked the waiting time, because the people stood in the queue for more than 120 minutes and I didn’t want to wait so long. There are actually two entries: one for the ride and one for the tour. The tour had a waiting time for just 20 minutes.

Zombie night

Visit universal studios in October around Halloween! There are many zombies walking around and special attractions and shows. If you aren’t scared, take part of the game and buy a blinking heart. The zombies will attack you physically and try to turn you into one of them or kill you. It’s just a game of course, so don’t be afraid. They won’t hurt you!

The music makes the scenery extra creepy. You’ll hear gunshots, people screaming and zombies roaring. The light is dimed and there are even cars which look abandoned. I still don’t understand why the parents didn’t leave the park although their children were crying and totally scared.

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