Tatsuya’s 7 thoughts about Swiss women

What does a Japanese man think about a Swiss woman?

Writing a blog article isn’t as easy as it seems. Tatsuya tried it, too. He summed up a few thoughts about the differences between Japanese and Swiss women. Let’s see what he wants to share with us:


Tatsuya’s thoughts (part 1)


  1. Swiss women are more mature

    Something I realized is that Swiss girls don’t talk like children. Japanese girls pretend to be younger than their actual age and sometimes fake their voice.

  2. Straightforward & makes things clear

    Patricia is very straightforward. She says “No” to things she doesn’t want and “Bad” to things she doesn’t like. I easily find out what she really wants. Maybe it’s a characteristic, but it works in a good way. She simply wants to make things clear right away. I think European girls are more independent and not “girly” women. At the beginning I wasn’t sure how to deal with it and how to treat her. However, she sometimes acts very adorable and cute.

  3. Is starting a relationship different?

    When Japanese people want to be in a relationship, we have to claim “I want be your boyfriend”. I heard that this rule only exists in Japan. I had no idea how to start the relationship with Patricia. I thought in Europe it starts with friendship, then it becomes very close and then turnes into a relationship without asking: “Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

  4. All about chocolate & cheese

    Maybe it’s prejudice against Swiss people, but they seem to really like chocolate. The rumor wasn’t just a rumor. It’s true! Every time I asked her “What do you want to drink?” she replied: “A hot chocolate!” It was cold during the night, she could have picked any other drink, but she always chose hot chocolate.

  5. Brave & open-minded

    When she said, that she isn’t there for just skyping, that she actually was interested in a relationship and wants to meet, I was surprised. She is brave and very open-minded. I am pretty sure Japanese girls wouldn’t say such a thing.

  6. They prefer a natural look.

    Swiss girls don’t use as much make-up as Japanese girls, but it’s still beautiful. Many Japanese women try to look like Europeans or very young. For example, some of them use tools and make-up to make their eyes look bigger. It’s like the Japanese girl become a totally different person as soon as she removes the make-up.


  7. Perfume, deodorant & aftershave

    European people use much perfume. Well, Patricia doesn’t, but when I was in Sydney I met people who used too much of it.


This post is just about his first impression of Swiss women. Of course everything what he wrote can’t be applied to the whole country.


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