Practice drawing through a meetup

Organize your own drawing learn sessions

A friend of mine had a great idea. She is studying art, specialized in drawing and painting, so she organizes monthly meetings to teach others. Well, it is more casual, which means, friends meet-up to draw. The locations change frequently for new inspiration. She was there to help if needed.

6 good places for a meetup

  1. The Caffé
    Not all Caffé or coffee shops have tables which are big enough, but some of them do have enough space for the drawing materials. The positive side is that you can buy delicious snacks and drinks. ~I really like the scent of the coffee~ Also since people are not in a rush, you can practice drawing humans.

  2. Fast-food restaurant
    I know it may sound weird, but many fast-food restaurants are convenient as a place for drawing. Especially if you go at a time when it is not rush hour. The tables are bigger than in the Caffé and it is much cheaper.

  3. Museum
    One of the best places to study drawing objects are national-, dinosaur- and animal museums. Also to study how skeletons and muscles are around the body, for studying movement and proportions.

  4. Plant exhibition & collection
    Even if you are not interested in plants, exhibitions and collections have the biggest variety of plants. The entry fee is usually really cheap. Most of the people draw always the same most common plants, but wouldn’t it be nice to have more variety in the background of your drawings?

  5. Public places
    The cheapest place of all time to study different objects and humans is of course in the public. Especially in summer it is nice to spend a day in a park, next to a lake or anywhere else. But I must admit that it is also difficult to draw humans here, because they are usually in a hurry. However, I gain inspiration for characters, styles and personalities.

  6. Rent a room
    If you are lucky, a kinder garden or a art atelier allows you to rent the room for a few hours. We found a cheap room which had big tables and even had toilettes. The only thing we had to do is keep it clean.

Come up with your own ideas for practicing

zeichnen lernen, Zeichnungstreffen

Example 1: “I will focus on the shadow today”

Draw simple sketches of objects and humans only drawing the shadow, without outlines.  Why without outlines? Because this exercise is not about correct proportional sizes. The best way to do it is actually by drawing shapeless objects, because you would not have an image in your mind. You would only focus on the shadow.

Example 2: “I practice different techniques for sketching.”

Take various pencils, charcoal or whatever you want to practice. Sketch using cross-hatching or hold the pencil once horizontal and once vertical and see the outcome of the sketches.

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