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How our parents react to the relationship

How did our parents react to the relationship? Tatsuya told his parents (especially his father), his colleagues and friends about the relationship early on. The people frequently asked him: “Do you have a girlfriend?”,...

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Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan Have you ever been to Osaka? Do you want to visit Hogsmeade? You will enjoy a magical day at Universal Studios Japan. We visited the amusement park in October, which means...

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Bouillon Cat Comic

Bouillon Cat Comic I like the title somehow, because it sounds as weird as what happened. Mizuki the black male cat isn’t really scared of water. Unfortunately, I totally forgot it when I wanted...

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7 places to visit in Zurich

Zurich tourism The first blog post about Switzerland will be about my home town Zurich. I have never seen Zurich through the eyes of a tourist, but I will recommend you a few places.  ...

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Shrimps in Japan vs. Switzerland

How do Japanese people prepare shrimps? The sketch shows another cultural difference between Tatsuya and me. I learned more about seafood and food-wasting in Japan. Japanese people often eat everything of the shrimps. I...

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How did our relationship start?

Long distant relationship – how did it start? It all began on January 2015 when a young man in the end of his twenties sent a message on a social media website. ‘Hello!! Well...