Nara Park: cute deer and beautiful temple

The deer are everywhere!

I spent the third day of the holidays in the Nara park. It took 40 minutes by train (a scary old one) from Kyoto to Nara. Well… when the old train changed the track it shook strongly. I thought it will derail. Maybe Swiss people are just used to live in luxury. Our trains are big, comfortable and usually have a good air-conditioning.

Finally arrived at the Nara park

The small deer are accustomed to humans. Nevertheless I don’t recommend feeding them. Like all animals they become very importunate when food is involved, because they want more and more. They sometimes become really aggressive.

You can take a photo of them or touch them without a problem. They are tamed.

The park is beautiful and good for relaxing and taking a break. I sat down on a bench and enjoyed the warm weather. The deer are so curious. They even came to have a look when I sat there doing nothing. The female deer which you see on the photo below came very close. She couldn’t find something to eat, walked away and looked over her shoulders like this:

The warning sign on the photo above shows very funny pictures. The irony is that the deer look very cute and harmless on the photo, but aren’t in reality. For example: an old lady is attacked by a deer. They can be really dangerous, especially when they hit a small child.

I decided not to visit a temple. There were definitely too many students. I think they had a trip with the whole class or even the whole school. Maybe you are lucky and will be able to visit the temples!

How to find the Park?

Actually it’s really easy to find. It’s a tourist place, so simply follow other tourists or follow the signs which are already in front of the main station. Turn right into the pedestrian precinct and walk 1.5km straight on. It’s almost impossible to get lost.

I recommend you to eat lunch in the Curry House CoCo. They offer curry with hamburger, vegetables, sausages, seafood or any other meat. It could be a little bit too hot and spicy, but it’s worth it! It’s really delicious!

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