Language stay in Japan

Preparations for the language stay

I’m planning to stay one year in Kobe and study Japanese at a school. It’s not only about learning the language. I also wish to live in the same country like my boyfriend does.


If you want to do a language stay, I recommend you to research about the schools and courses. I asked an organization in Switzerland first, but I decided to look for a school by myself. Booking directly is much cheaper, because you won’t have to pay a fee for the organization. I would have payed CHF 10’000 – 20’000. The school in Kobe actually costs CHF 7’000 for one year.

I’m still not fluent in English and don’t understand Japanese. So I asked Tatsuya to read the website. If you know someone who speaks Japanese and understands the Japanese school system, ask them for help. Unfortunately there are many schools who are only for Asian, or don’t accept Swiss people, because the countries don’t have an agreement.



Savings plan

You definitely need to save up a lot of money. I recommend you to calculate CHF 1000 per month for a backup.

In my case it looks like this:

Fixed costs

  • School fee
  • Food
  • Train ticket
  • Apartment/guest house (wherever you’ll stay)
  • Flight ticket
  • Insurance

Additional costs

  • Medicine
  • Furniture
  • Restaurant
  • Excursion, trip
  • Household


What should be 100% covered

Maybe you will survive if you only have the money for the fixed costs. I think it’s definitely better to have a backup in case of an accident or if you want to go out with friends. There is no guarantee that you will find a part-time job in Japan even though the student visa allows you to work 28 hours per week. Tatsuya and I calculated the price of (a very small) apartment or room + train ticket + food and found out that I would survive with CHF 1000 per month. This is only possible, if he helps or if we live together.



  • Did you pay the language stay or did someone help you out?
  • How did your savings plan look like?


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