Japanese food

Japanese food

Honestly, I had troubles with the food during the first few days in Japan. It was almost impossible to eat, because of the Jetlag and sickness. The Japanese food smells fishy and it wasn’t easy to find food without fish or seafood. I like fish and seafood, but it has to be fresh.

The first meal I ate in Japan had a sauce with small fish. I don’t know if it was whole fish or not. I didn’t look at it closely when I ate it. The salad was made out of very dry leaves, which tasted like grass. Luckily, the salad dressing was very good. Maybe some of you know this meal:


I really like Tonkatsu! It’s one of the best meals I ate in Japan. It looks similar to the Wiener Schnitzel, but it’s twice as thick and juicier. The meat served was already cut in stripes. So you can start eating right away. On the photo below you see many bowls. They contain plain rice, ketchup, white cabbage, soup and herbs for the rice. I ate the rice without anything on it. As you probably know Japanese people don’t put any salt on the rice, they put spinach, herbs or anything else on it. This delicious meal included a very strong tea.

Aged Beef

I went to Universal Studios in Osaka and ate Aged Beef. The meat becomes tender in a special process.  A certain meat and the right enzyme are used to soften it and make a special taste. The beef is fried and put on a hot stone. There is an additional stone on the plate. So you can cook the meat a little bit more, if it is too raw for you. The menu looks rather small: potato, one piece of onion and a little bit of corn. It’s totally enough for me, but I think most of you would choose the bigger menu.

Soft ice cream

Before I visited Japan, I always wanted to try green tea soft ice cream. Surprisingly, it isn’t sweet at all. I am used to eating sweet ice cream. The green tea taste was very weird for me. Next time, I’ll try sesame soft ice cream!

Look at the photo of the ice cream menu. There are much more varieties of soft ice cream, which I have never seen in Europe. For example: black sesame, sake, tofu milk, black soybeans and cherry blossoms. Does it sound tasty? They must be delicious!

  • Which weird and delicious meals did you eat in Japan?

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