How our parents react to the relationship

How did our parents react to the relationship?

Tatsuya told his parents (especially his father), his colleagues and friends about the relationship early on. The people frequently asked him: “Do you have a girlfriend?”, “Are you married?”, “Will you marry soon?”.

My parents didn’t know about the relationship for a long time. They heard me talking with Japanese people in English, though. A few months later I told my mom about the long distance relationship, but my father still doesn’t know anything about it. He doesn’t like if one of his daughters has a foreigner as a boyfriend. Being friends is more accepted, but he jokes about Asians.

His father asked stereotypical questions about Swiss and Europeans: “Is she blond?”, “Is her nose big?”, “Ah, she’s Swiss! Alps, mountains, much snow, skiing…!” He even said that he would like to get to know me better.

He mentioned that he would like to show me the home town. Later we talked about when he visits Switzerland. That’s when he said it would be polite to introduce us to each other’s parents.

“Well…What do you think…How would your father react?”

“There are several possibilities. Maybe he will accept you, or he’s worried a lot and becomes a little bit aggressive.” ~and tells me that I’ll do a big mistake~

“Okay…I hope it will be alright. It’s important for me to introduce myself and tell him that I’ll take care of his daughter and that she’s in good hands. Maybe this is the way of thinking of Japanese people…?”

“Yes, it is. The couples in Switzerland decide everything on their own. The parents want to know the son-in-law and get on with him, but it’s not their decision.”



  1. Do you get along with your parents-in-law?
  2. Whats your story? How did they react when you met them for the first time?


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