How did our relationship start?

Long distant relationship – how did it start?

It all began on January 2015 when a young man in the end of his twenties sent a message on a social media website.

Well I’m interested in your profile so sending this:)
Hope this message gets to you.
I realised you must play the strings when I had look at your fingers with cello!
I play the trombone and the bass guitar. My skill of guitar is far from good though..

And I’d be more than happy if we could practice languages.
Im not officially qualified teacher but used to teach kids so hopefully I could help you even a bit:)
Moreover let me know about culture there 😀

Anyway have a great day and hope to hear from you.

Yup. That’s exactly how our long distant relationhip started.


What did we talk about?

Right from the beginning we talked a lot about the cultural differences. It was a lot more interesting to talk about it than just about hobbies, family, leisure time, work and education. We also like discussing about different opinions. Luckily, it hasn’t led to a bad argument yet. I find it interesting that Tatsuya is different than most of the Japanese people I’ve met before. Otherwise it probably would be difficult to have good discussions.

We also like to talk about small matters. It makes the conversations vivid, funny and jolly.


He was more persistent.

Although he told me that he likes chatting with me and that he’s interested in me, I haven’t replied to it immediately. I just said ‘Thank you. I like chatting with you, too.’ After two months he told me the same thing for the third time. I really needed time to trust him.

‘I worry that you might think that I’m not serious. I am really interested in you.’


Tip: Talk about everything, but stop when you realize that the other person isn’t interested in this topic. It’s better to make it short, summarize it and change the topic. Ask your partner about their thought and that’s all! You easily bore people, when talking about stuff they aren’t interested in.


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2 Responses

  1. Swissguy says:

    That’s really cute!
    I’m also in a relationship but with a Japanese girl. I met her in California and now we are one year together.

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