Cosplay: from Japan to Switzerland

Cosplay – I tried it!

Cosplay is an underground scene in Japan as well as in Switzerland. It literally means costume play.  I think it isn’t really comparable with to dress up. Even costume play sounds completely wrong. There’s more behind it!

Many cosplayers are also good in acting, sewing and doing handicrafts. It’s some kind of art for me and it’s difficult to become really good at it. In the end people do it for fun and not for perfection.

Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

The first part of the Black Butler series is one of my favorite anime and manga. The story takes place in the United Kingdom during the Victorian times. I like the Victorian fashion, that’s why I decided to cosplay Ciel Phantomhive. The costume is definitely one of the more difficult. I didn’t have much sewing experience at that time and I didn’t know where to buy all the material. Luckily, I know a cosplayer who helped me out. Thank you!

Cosplay: inspiration from Japan

Obviously, Swiss cosplayers were inspired by Japanese ones. I still know a few people who think that manga, anime and cosplay is something ordinary and something you’ll see in Japan every day. Honestly, I saw less people with Naruto bags in Japan than in Switzerland. The scene is more popular in Japan, but it’s still underground. Of course you will see a few advertisements of political parties, which is totally weird for me as a tourist.

Cosplay meet-up and photo shooting

Personally, I prefer the photo shooting. It’s the simplest way to get the best out of your costume and you will have wonderful memories. You need a little bit of talent knowing what will look good on the photo. I think it’s really easy to see who knows the personality and the story of the character. On the other hand, the cosplay meet-up is more for fun and more relaxed. I like searching new accessories at the stall on conventions.

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