Author: Tiya

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practice drawing through a meetup

Organize your own drawing learn sessions A friend of mine had a great idea. She is studying art specialized in drawing and painting, so she organizes monthly meetings to teach others. Well, it is...

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Japans aging population and its task

Japans aging population and its task A while ago I researched intensively the current and ageing Japanese population. Similar to other industrialized countries, Japan struggles with its ageing population. Questions like “How will the...

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Language stay in Japan

Preparations for the language stay I’m planning to stay one year in Kobe and study Japanese at a school. It’s not only about learning the language. I also wish to live in the same...

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Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan Have you ever been to Osaka? Do you want to visit Hogsmeade? You will enjoy a magical day at Universal Studios Japan. We visited the amusement park in October, which means...

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Bouillon Cat Comic

Bouillon Cat Comic I like the title somehow, because it sounds as weird as what happened. Mizuki the black male cat isn’t really scared of water. Unfortunately, I totally forgot it when I wanted...