Arashiyama: beautiful garden, bamboo grove and temple

Arashiyama  – my favorit place in Kyoto

Arashiyama is known for the bamboo forest and the garden around the temple. Getting to the Arashiyama station is actually pretty easy. The station is very small.

You can rent a kimono if you like to. There is a rental shop next to the station and even a short path with columns, which are decorated with typical kimono patterns. It must be beautiful in the night, because it will be light up.

Rickshaws are pulled by young men

You will see a lot of rickshaws on the main street. The men who pull it have usually muscular legs. Most of them wear shorts and have tanned skin which makes them stand out in the crowd. Honestly, it’s really weird for me to see rickshaws. Switzerland has a tradition with carriages, too, but we don’t use it as a tourist attraction. We use horses. Some tourist places in the maintains offer horse carriage rides even in winter.

Tenryu temple and the beautiful garden

If you walk along the path through the bamboo forest, you will reach an archway which leads to a garden full of moss. A lot of different shrines and old buildings are between the trees. Unfortunately, the path through the bamboo forest is surrounded by a tall fence, so it’s more like a garden.

If you want to visit a real bamboo forest, Arashiyama may be the wrong place. I want to visit a real bamboo forest where I can legally collect baby bamboo, because I heard it’s possible to cook them and make a delicious meal.

My favorite place is the garden of the Tenryu temple

It’s located on the hill, so the sections of the garden are designed differently. I like the narrow paths which are leading through the fairy-tail like landscape. A huge pond is in front of the temple and contains koi fish. I am not sure if it’s the famous, expensive Japanese koi… If you walk a little bit further you will pass a small fountain, strange looking trees and a stone garden (maybe a zen garden). It’s also possible to enter the temple, but it’s twice as expensive as the entry fee of the garden. Honestly, I am not very interested in temples. I will visit the Himeji castle in the future, though.

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