About me

I asked my sisters to write a text for this site. Read what my sisters think about me:


  • My name is Laila. I am the youngest of four children. Patricia and I have a big age difference, that’s why we never were ‘friends’. Can sisters be friends? Now as I am older, we do more trips and other things together. I admire her talent for drawing. I still remember that I used to ask her, if she printed the drawing, because it looked like the original.

  • I am the second of four children. I know my big sister as a helpful and open-minded person. She is always there for me, when I need her and she shares the happiness. She is interested in a variety of things and she is determined to know the truth about things. She really wants to know every detail. Maybe you think she should be more relaxed, but if you know her well, you’ll see that she listens to her heart. This is another point: She acts with heart and mind.

  • She considers well, before doing something. She doesn’t have a slapdash manner; she is open for new things. I’ve always admired her persistence and her talent for drawing. Well, her mood sometimes changes quickly, but she often is in a good mood. Her happiness passes on to other people.