7 places to visit in Zurich

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The first blog post about Switzerland will be about my home town Zurich. I have never seen Zurich through the eyes of a tourist, but I will recommend you a few places.


The Uetliberg is just 869 meters above sea-level. Nevertheless, you have a good view of Zurich and the lake! The small mountain is surrounded by a forest where a lot of people do sport, like mountain biking or jogging. It’s also known for the toboggan run in winter. There’s a tower and a restaurant on top of the Uetliberg. This place is worth a visit!

Shopping mall Sihlcity

The shopping mall is big and offers everything. I usually visit the large shop which sells electronics, because of its collection of DVD’s, games and more. Next to the Sihlcity you’ll find the movie theatre which offers 3D and 4D movies. Don’t be surprised by the expensive popcorn! I recommend eating and drinking enough before you visit any movie theatre in Switzerland.

Shopping district

Maybe some of you already know the street called Bahnhofstrasse (railway station street). There are a lot cheap and well-known fashion stores, CD shops and fast food.

If you like unusual shops I recommend visiting the old town. Walk from the Central station between the old buildings to the Stadelhofen station. You will see a lot of different shops in the side streets during the day and many bars in the night.

Lindenhof (courtyard)

This courtyard is in the middle of Zürich and a good place to have a picnic. The name Lindenhof already shows that there are many trees which provide shade. You will have a good view over the river Limmat, the four churches and the roofs of the old town. If you like to, you can play chess or other games. The chess field is more or less six to nine square meters.

National museum

Maybe you already saw the beautiful historical building next to the main station. Did you know that the building won a competition called “fairytale castle”?

The museum offers a permanent display of the Swiss history and various art exhibitions.

Church next to the Enge station

When you like quite places and having a picnic, I recommend you to visit the small park in front of the Enge church. Just turn left, follow the street next to the railway a few meters until you see the church and then climb up the stairs.

Urania observatory

Are you interested in stars and planets? If you visit Zurich on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening you will be able to have a guided tour through the Urania observatory. I only visited the Restaurant so far. It’s definitely better to visit the observatory on a clear night!

Which places of Zurich do you like to most?

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