5 surprising things in Switzerland

5 things I was surprised with in Switzerland

Tatsuya’s first visit

First of all it’s been almost a decade since I touched a brand new culture. Everything jumping into my eyes was totally new and pure fun. I hope you guys will read this as some experiences by an ordinary Japanese, from his personal perspective.

Simply saying beforehand, I love Switzerland now!


  1. No gate at all in public transportation

    Although there seems to be some inspectors checking if passengers a have valid ticket or not, surprisingly there wasn’t any ticket gate at stations, nor at bus stops. What I’m deeply surprised is its level of trust that shows no doubt citizens will be paying the proper amount. In addition to that, it shows Swiss people are wealthy enough to be able to afford such tickets, financially and socially.

  2. They follow the traffic rules.

    It may sound just a matter of course or we are just chimpanzees (You know, driving manners in Himeji is literally terrible). Crossing the zebra zone during vehicles going right and left in Japan, that’s what we call the stairway to heaven. However in Switzerland, drivers give a way to pedestrians. Not only a car, all of them as long as I stayed there. I nearly caught my girlfriend’s shoulder when she was crossing a zebra zone with a bunch of cars around in Switzerland. But please honey, don’t do this in Japan.


  3. They love BBQ.

    Oh yes that’s right. I had BBQ for twice within a week while staying. Besides that, I found 2 groups having BBQ on a same day! A couple of men were BBQing along the lakeside and the other group, a family was in the small grove. Some free firewood was already provided next to the grill for everyone’ use, and Toi Toi (plastic toilet house which you often see at festivals).

  4. The world of Heidi on TV wasn’t over exaggerating. It’s true.

    A vast greenfield along the mountain landscapes with cows, sheep, horses and nice air. It really met my first impression of Switzerland.


  5. They take their shoes off at home.

    Swiss people do the same as we do! This is so much appreciated because I feel doing something wrong by getting into the house with my shoes on, to be honest.
    “Only Japanese take their shoes off, so watch out when you visit any other countries!”, I don’t know who the hell started to say that…


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